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FT Confidential Research is an independent research service from the Financial Times, providing in-depth analysis and statistical insight into China and Asean. We provide original, unbiased information for investors and corporates, to better inform strategic decisions.

Unlike research produced by investment banks and brokers, our offering is completely impartial. Our network of on-the-ground researchers provide proprietary data on key sectors in the region, collected through monthly and quarterly surveys. Combined with in-house analysis, this results in exclusive, actionable intelligence so readers can stay ahead of the market.


Our approach to research

We believe that a flexible, multichannel approach to research is fundamental to providing the intelligence needed to form a business plan or investment strategy. As such, our research combines:

Quantitative insight

Quantitative insight derived from wide-ranging, rigorously designed and implemented proprietary surveys across our geographic coverage. We have built high-quality, repeatable data sets that pick up developing grassroots trends in real time, but also allow for trend analysis over time.

Qualitative insight

Qualitative insight from our network of researchers, who provide a window into developments before they surface elsewhere.

In-depth Analysis

In-depth analysis by our team of country and sector experts, puts our quantitative and qualitative research in context. We identify key macro and industry-specific trends, to equip senior executives with unique intelligence to inform decision-making.

Our Coverage

We offer extensive coverage of China and national coverage of the key emerging markets within Southeast Asia, to provide readers with proprietary, data-driven analysis on macro,
sectoral and company trends.

We use the help of partners to survey thousands of consumers and companies to produce monthly indices on China and Asean key economic indicators. These are prepared with on-the-ground data, using more than 200 data points and validated with five years of historical data, so readers can benefit from trend analysis over time.

China Indices

China indices include:

  • Freight
  • Exports
  • Real estate
  • Cosumer sentiment
  • Underground lending
  • Labour

Asean Indices

Asean indices include:

  • Economic sentiment, political sentiment and consumer sentiment
  • Household income
  • Future consumer borrowing
  • Property purchase index

Our Researchers

Jeremy Grant

Managing Editor

Jeremy is Managing Editor of FT Confidential Research, joining following an 18-year career as a journalist with the Financial Times.

His most recent role was as FT correspondent based in Singapore, where he covered Singapore, Malaysia and corporate issues across Southeast Asia.

He has also worked as a correspondent in Vietnam and Hong Kong, the US and Germany.

David Wilder

Principal, China

David leads our team of researchers in China, the UK and the US and is editorial director of our coverage of the Chinese financial system, macroeconomy and consumer.

David has 15 years of experience in financial journalism, focusing on Asian financial markets and economic policymaking.

A Chinese speaker, he is a graduate of King's College London and the London School of Economics.

Liz Chong

Principal, Asean

Liz began her career at Bloomberg News before joining the Times. She then moved into finance, working in research for a hedge fund investor. She focused on macro analysis and the stability of major financial institutions during the credit crisis.

Liz joined FT Confidential Research in 2012 to set up Asean Confidential. She is a graduate of the London School of Economics.

Sample Research

FT Confidential Research

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FT Confidential Research

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PBoC treads cautiously on financial system risk as Congress approaches

FT Confidential Research

Low-cost carriers to benefit from Asean holiday boom

Demand for domestic travel rises most among Indonesians

How do I access FT Confidential Research?

FT Confidential Research is available to premium subscribers on It can also be accessed on leading news aggregators and media monitoring agencies such as Bloomberg, LexisNexis, Factiva and WestLaw.

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